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We are pleased to extend to you an invitation to the Canada All Star Ballet Gala, an exclusive event to be held in Toronto, Ontario on


11 February 2017




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Artists will perform Ballet Masterpieces rarely seen in Canada

Main Message

Ballet Gala on 28th of October, 2017

Exquisite. Educational. Enlightening. Transforming.

The Most Prestigious Ballet Gala in the world!

The second Canada All Star Ballet Gala, an international production celebrating masterpieces of neoclassical and modern  ballet to be held on Sat, October 28, 2017 at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto.

Featuring a star studded cast from the world’s elite ballet companies and organized by a team of globally recognized curators, this unique ballet event is the most ambitious tribute to the art form to date in Canada. This special evening highlights the inimitable beauty of the choreography, musical arrangements and narrates that have enchanted audiences over the last 100 years.

The selections are performed by more than a dozen of ballet’s superstars the current standard bearers of virtuosity who have honed their skills and danced on the most prestigious stages worldwide.

The Canada All Star Gala is a grand scale project aiming to enlighten audiences from ballet novice to dance professional and performing arts aficionados. This landmark Canadian event spotlights the National Ballet of Canada, whose artistic

vision and technical mastery have in recent years placed the company on par with the world’s top theatres.

We speak of classical, neo-classical, modern, and contemporary ballet, as they often co-exist on the world stages today and are frequently performed by the same companies and dancers.  What are the differences between these styles and how can the public appreciate them?

In our first Gala, we introduced our public to the historically formed schools of classical dance—French, Russian, Danish, English, and North American—and demonstrated the differences in their corresponding styles of executing movements.

Modern ballet was also a part of a historical line of development of dance.  The pioneers of modern dance, who were often trained in classical tradition, tried to break away from traditional schools and to invent new language. Modern dance liberated the five dance positions of feet and the upper body of dancers by seeking to generate movements from the human torso, the core of the body. Modern dance relies on the

non-classical elements, such as contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

Like modernism in art and literature, modernism in dance is a historical event and can be roughly related to the 1920s and the1930s. There are several schools and techniques of modern dance, such as Martha Graham’s or Jose Limon’s among others.

A moment of return to Neo-Classical dance, as for example in Balanchine’s or Lifar’s choreographic works of the 1930s and the 1940s, was a part of modernism. No return ever repeats a historical style in its exact precision but re-interprets it.

Contemporary ballet covers a wide variety of ballet techniques with an emphasis on the today’s, present choreographic research.  The borderline between the modern and contemporary is mostly historical. The art of the 1960s, including dance and ballet, was a period when a distinction between modern and post-modern tendencies in art became pronounced.

Our forthcoming Gala will introduce the public to the best examples of modern,

neo-classical, and contemporary ballet. We will highlight the visual differences between them. We are committed to finding the most precise and revealing pairing of dancers’ individualities with choreographic works they represent in our programme.

The Canada All Star Gala looks ahead by providing a new generation of audience members the chance to witness a unique collaboration, illuminating the diverse interpretations of classical, neoclassical and modern  ballet.

We are delighted to confirm that all 3,000 guests of the Canada All Star Ballet Gala WILL GET a FREE gift from the organizers – a 60 page full colour brochure where you will find not only a full Program of October 28th production and information on its participants, but also many interesting educational articles about ballet.

Exhibited in the lobby, there will be a series of original art work, created by children ages 6-13. These beautiful paintings and sketches will provide an opportunity to share and integrate art in many ways.


Mind-blowing show! Only in Canada!

Main Message

Ballet Gala on 11th of February, 2017

We are pleased to extend to you an invitation to the Canada All Star Ballet Gala, an exclusive event to be held in Toronto, Ontario on 11 February 2017. Featuring a star studded cast, this carefully curated program will provide an enlightening overview of classic 19th and 20th century ballet through selections from masterpieces that defined the art form. This Gala will offer Canada’s ballet aficionados a rare glimpse into the treasure trove of exquisite choreography that continues to dazzle audiences world-wide.

Ballet, like any art form, elicits a range of responses that reflect individual tastes and preferences. Still, there are universally acknowledged masterpieces. Once ahead of their time, their innovative spirit explored the vast possibilities of dance, opening it up to new expressions and paving the way to new forms that expanded it beyond the sphere of the “traditional”. These time tested masterpieces continue to serve as the standard bearers for excellence and master keys to future development.

As an art form, ballet is one of the most refined, complex, and grueling endeavors, exacting the highest set of skills from its performers. Ballet

demands that stark individuality, personal charisma, and charm emanate from the stage; it calls not just for elusive artistry and musicality, but for physical prowess and flawless execution, all working in concert to bring forth a spellbinding, singular, inimitable performance style.

When it comes to classic choreography, world class performances are not all alike, as different traditions have produced notable distinctions in technique and presentation. These variations have allowed for the emergence of signature styles among top ballet schools around the world. That’s why we can talk about the French, Danish, Russian, English, American, and in recent decades, Canadian schools of ballet. The latter has created a unique fusion of balletic traditions, melding the European and American cultural legacies into a new and fresh whole.

Our Gala will provide an audience with an opportunity to see performers of the National Ballet of Canada alongside accomplished soloists from other elite ballet companies. This co-mingling will allow viewers a chance to observe first hand and evaluate the extent of the technical and aesthetic merits these ballet schools represent.

The objective of the Gala is to present to the distinguished members of the Canadian and international audience a showcase of these illustrious styles as performed by top dancers from the world’s pantheon of Ballet Theaters—The Paris Opera, The Royal Ballet of London, The Bolshoi Theater, and American Ballet Theater. These are the companies that over centuries have defined and perfected ballet’s gold standard, the standard carried forth today by the soloists and principals of National Ballet of Canada.

Our Gala explores the creative highlights in the history of classic dance, the sequence of which can be seen as chronicle of its evolution set against the backdrop of larger global trends and cultural transformations. The program reflects upon established choreographic narratives, from the original production concept to specific sequences designed to display star dancers’ unique performance strengths. The dancers’ interpretative skills, crucial to the authentic representation of the vision and distinctive elements of these choreographic masterworks will also be underscored.

The Program features opus works by the most visible choreographers who defined and charted new paths in

development of dance, performed by stars who, through their immense experience and interpretive gifts helped to sustain and elevate top performance standards.

The Canada All Star Ballet Gala is a gathering of highest artistic caliber. Designed to appeal to ballet aficionados of refined but varied tastes, the Program is a product of careful evaluation of concepts and themes familiar only to those with extensive knowledge of the art form, its inner workings, present-day processes and challenges, and unique access to the constellation of stars whose individual skills and repertoire background illuminate the breadth of contemporary dance realm.

This project’s other priority is to buttress The Youth Ballet Star Support Program by providing budding artists with an opportunity to perform. The Gala will feature Ballet’s up and coming stars, 17 to 20 years of age, who will share the spotlight with more established, world re-known performers.

We hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that you will find this to be a refreshing, exhilarating and memorable evening!

The Gala Organizers

Distinct Characteristics of Our Galas:

In CONCEPT and in CONTENT they are

Thoughtful implementations of a selected theme and of a specific vision of this theme developed by the Artistic Director rather than mere compilations of renowned dancers

Events of the highest artistic standards, which express the variety and quintessence of global ballet

State-of-the-art performances among similar events due the judicious selection of dancers, the real ballet stars of today


Reflect profound knowledge of the art of dance in its historical and current aspects and of the potentials of the repertoire of global ballet

Attract discerning audiences of dance connoisseurs but also introduce the general public to the art of ballet thus augmenting its viewership

Advance new names—the stars of tomorrow-- in performance and choreography

Stage world premieres, debuts, and revivals


Are selected by strict criteria regarding their ability to implement choreography in the style and on technical level corresponding fully to choreographers’ original ideas

And on their dedication to make participation in our programmes into an exceptional artistic event

Exclusive event to be held in Toronto,
28 October 2017
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