Canada All Star Ballet Gala


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April, 2018



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Canada All Star Ballet

Biggest Ballet Show In Canada

An international production, the second Canada All Star Ballet Gala presents to the public a marvellous performance that commemorates neoclassical and modern ballet masterpieces incomparable to other choreography. This Canadian landmark event spotlights the National Ballet of Canada whose artistic vision and technical mastery has placed the company atop the world’s greatest theatres. This stands to be the most unique ballet event to this date in Canada as an ambitious tribute to the art form.

The Canada All Star Gala stands to be revolutionary as it provides new generations of audiences with the honour of witnessing a unique collaboration. The spectacular evening will illuminate the diverse interpretations of modern, neoclassical and contemporary ballet choreography created over the last 100 years.

The ballet shows are performed by, and comprised of a star-studded cast formed from elite ballet companies around the world and organized by a team of internationally recognized curators. The programme, featuring more than a dozen current stars of the ballet world who have danced on the most prestigious of stages, will leave you wide-eyed and in admiration.

The selected dancers from leading ballet companies around the world will dazzle the stage and illustrate the variations among the major schools of ballet. A breathtaking show like no other, the performances will highlight exquisite choreography, magnificent musical arrangements and charming narratives that have enchanted audiences members for decades.

The Canada All Star Ballet Gala is dedicated to displaying ballet performances that span over a wide spectrum of classically choreographed masterpieces from ballet’s signature styles: Russian, Canadian, American and Danish. The styles presented by the talented dancers as part of the Gala program will keep alive the centuries-old traditions of ballet. The coming Gala will introduce the best examples of  neo-classical, modern and contemporary ballet as well as highlight the different approaches to modern concepts of classical dance, demonstrating its vibrancy in the larger context of present day.

The Canada All Star Ballet Gala is a large scale cultural and educational product aimed at bringing knowledge and experience of classical dance to a variety of audience members ranging from ballet movies to dance professionals. The Gala looks ahead showcasing diverse interpretations of style and seeing the connections of the forms linking classical and modern ballet.

The Canada All Star Ballet Gala is committed to revealing promising young dancers and supporting them in their earliest stages of their dancing career; From in-between their graduation from the best ballet schools in the world until the beginning of their performing lives in ballet companies. The public will enjoy select dancers sharing the stage with established stars as they introduce the first sponsored duet “The Stars of the Future.”

In addition, it is a delight to confirm that all of the 3,000 guests of the Canada All Star Ballet gala will be gifted a 50 page brochure. Not only will it house a full program of the October 28th ballet show, but also include information on the participants and multiple educational articles about the sensational world of ballet.  Likewise, exhibited in the lobby will be a series or original art work created by children aged 6-14. These beautiful paintings and sketches will provide and opportunity to share and integrate art in many ways.

In preparation, the Canada All Star launches a series of interviews with a number of the leading dancers, choreographers, conductors, ballet masters and stage designers who have contributed to the magic of the classical dance. These interviews are available on the Canada All Star Gala YouTube page and will aim at serving educational experiences to the public.

The Canada All Star ballet is one of the most prestigious ballet events in North America. Now, it is yours to enjoy solely in Toronto on the 28th of October, 2017. It is a well-known and established ballet event that attracts professionals and renowned organizers from the industry. The interest in the gala is continuously growing and we have sponsorship opportunities available, including to be featured in the brochure. All of the sponsorship information is available here. Tickets to the gala are also available here.